Sleeper Muscle Car

By the way, that is the very reason the 1965 Thunderbird is now referred to as the sleeper muscle car. The only folks paying attention to it were the older generation (i.e. boring parents).

The Flair Bird 1965-1966

flair_birdThe Flair Bird was a luxury car the older folks liked.  Today’s muscle car enthusiasts, young kids back then, now see it differently. Back in the 60s, all they could see was the Mustang. Well, now it’s “Hello Flair Bird! Where have you been all my life?”

The standard 390 315 hp engine jets the heavy T-bird to 60 mph in about 11 seconds, and if the road ahead is clear of cops and robbers, the driver bury the speedometer at 120 mph.

Flair Bird Takes Thelma and Louise Away

Flair Bird MovieYes, a Flair Bird convertible is what Thelma drives when she pushes the pedal to the medal and speeds away in a cloud of desert dust, taking her friend Louise with her, out over the void of the Grand Canyon – never to be seen again.  Who knows?  Maybe the “Bird” flew and the ladies got away.

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