Off to See Rare Frazer Nash in Missouri

A True Story

One slow sunny Sunday morning we got a phone call from a lady who said, “I have a 1934 Frazer-Nash roadster coupe and would like for you to sell it for me.” She added nonchalantly that she’d heard only eight ’34 Frazer-Nash cars were ever manufactured which meant her car was worth a lot of money.Frazer Nash Replica

“But all I want for it is $12,500.”

Needless to say, Larry and I thought our ship had finally come in to port and luckily we were both standing on the right dock waiting for it. We drove a good hundred miles in real good humor to see this rare vintage motorcar.

To make a long story short, it was not an original Frazer-Nash and Mr. Richmond was right — it was the replica.

But it is a classic replica of a very rare motorcar, nonetheless. And it worth just about exactly what the lady wants for it. Before viewing the photos, be aware that this elderly lady is no longer able to spruce this car up which is why she’s selling it now — the replica is kept under a custom cover in a barn-garage, but the barn is dusty and space is tight.

Hey Larry, said Susan on the way home.  You sure that we were standing on the right dock?  That ship ain’t going sail.

We had visions of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a transaction.  We never did find a buyer for her replica Frazer Nash and one year later the roof of her barn caved in and, well, need I say more?  But she wouldn’t take a dime less than $12,500 and no one wanted to pay that.

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