Frazer Nash Roadster

What’s a Frazer-Nash Coupe

Only eight Frazer-Nash Roadsters Manufactured

Frazer Nash Roadster

1934 Frazer Nash Roadster

Archibald Frazer-Nash founded his car company in 1922.  He produced around 400 chain-drive cars until the mid-1930s, and 85 more cars from 1948 to 1957.

If you’ve never heard of a Frazer Nash motorcar, it’s probably because it’s a car so rare that hardly anyone knows anything about it writes enthusiast Bob Schmitt of Burbank, California, who has devoted an entire website to the Frazer-Nash.

Frazer-Nash official British importer for BMW

The Frazer-Nash motorcar company imported BMWs from 1934 to 1939. The Frazer Nash Car Club maintains an accessible register of both pre- and post-war cars. The Frazer Nash Club has detailed information on nearly every one in existence.

Archibald Frazer-Nash and H.R. Godfrey founded and ran the GN Cyclecar Company, and made cars from 1924 until 1957.   In 1929, the Aldington brothers acquired Frazer Nash Ltd. They produced BMW cars (1934) and sold them as Frazer Nash BMW.

Did Frazer-Nash actually build 37 cars in 1934 instead of only eight

Roger Richmond, whom we emailed just before we took off to see the motorcar mentioned in another article, told us: “Frazer Nash built 37 cars in 1934.

note: Other sources we’ve checked out all state only eight 1934s were made, but this man is an expert and he’s probably right. And on the Internet, if one piece of “wrong” information is published, it can be copied so many times, it begins to be accepted as fact.– Susan

Richmond continues: “All of these had quarter elliptic springs all round – beam front axle – solid rear axle carrying four sprockets for the four driving chains. Engines were either 4-cyl Meadows or Gough, or 6-cyl Blackburne. Bodies were mostly 2-seater replicas.”

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