Thunderbird Lost

The Endangered Thunderbird

The last Thunderbird car rolled off the assembly line in 2002.  According to Ford, all of the Thunderbirds have been built that are going to be built. Ford Motor Company gave up the Thunderbird Ghost in 2002.  The Classic Birds of 1955-57 and the Retro Birds are now at rest.

This was the final Thunderbird that men and women at the Wixom, Michigan Assembly Plant created and blessed, and the nameplate was retired to the Future Product Vault. source: Ford Motor Company

Thus officially and forever the Thunderbird generations are over and done. If you want a Thunderbird project, now is the time to buy it. The Importance of the 4th generation Flair Bird

The 1965 T-birds marked the last year of Ford Motor Company’s stock high-performance cars. After all, all the hot rod kids wanted was the Ford Mustang.

1965 marked Tenth Anniversary of the Thunderbird

That 10th anniversary alone increases the market value of all of the 1965 Thunderbirds – the 1965 Thunderbird cars were the rare birds unique among the unique.

The Thunderbird name had nothing to do with Native American icons.  According to Palm Springs Life magazine, this version of the Thunderbird car’s final name came not from the Native American symbol as one might expect, but from an ultra-exclusive housing tract in what would later be incorporated as Rancho Mirage, California: Thunderbird Heights. source: Wikipedia

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