T-Bird Facts

Interesting Facts about Thunderbird cars

Deep Well Trunks in Thunderbirds

Starting in 1964, Thunderbirds had a Deep-Well trunk.  Remember that real big luggage our parents packed everything in when they traveled? These deep trunks were to satisfy that need for more space and it did because these trunks are huge.

Dual Piston Disk Brakes

But the big feature in 1965 was the dual-piston disk brakes, which shocked the competition because Ford could now promote the Thunderbird with the slogan You can stop on a dime.

Sequential Lighting

The 1965 Ford Landau had wide taillights with sequential lighting.  The wide tail lights worked like those arrow light signs you see in front of roadside cafes.

watch Thunderbirds tail lights in action

Swing Away Steering Wheel

The 1965 T-Bird also had a swing-away steering wheel.  We are not talking about a tilt wheel here. To make it easy for ladies to get out of their Thunderbird in style, the steering wheel and the column moved to the right about ten inches. Naturally, the car had to be in park gear before this could take place.

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